The Devil Character


Reasons to hire our Devil character include:  

  • He’s ideal for ground level or stilt walking entertainment 
  • Hollywood film quality makeup and prosthetics are used to complete the look 
  • He’s an iconic evil villain 
  • Can be accompanied by a full cast of female demons 


  • NUMBER OF PERFORMERS: 1 performer 
  • SUITABILITY: Suitable for both stage or walkabout 
  • PERFORMANCE AREA: 3m×3m floor space required 
  • AUDIO: PA system to be supplied for stage show
  • PARKING: Free onsite parking required (or parking charges reimbursed) 

Technical Specifications

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1 performer 

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Suitable for both stage or walkabout

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3m×3m floor space required

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PA system to be supplied for stage show


Free/ reimbursed onsite parking required


Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub – however you know him, The Devil is The personification of evil and the nemesis of good people everywhere.

Whether he’s towering high above your guests on stilts or roaming around at ground level, he’s sure to draw attention. Hailing from the depths of Hell your guests not being be able to resist asking the prince of darkness for a selfie or two.

The devil is in the details – so with his larger than life appearance, evil demeanour and pointed horns he’s sure to raise a little Hell at your next event!

Hire THE DEVIL Lookalike

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