Jurassic World: Dominion

Who is The Light?

The Light’ was founded by ex-Cineworld director Keith Pullinger and former director at Warner Village Cinemas, John Sullivan. The two had one goal – to offer mainstream and independent films in a premium environment but with standard cinema ticket prices. 

As part of The Light Cinema franchise The Light Cinema Sheffield branch is one of twelve venues across the UK. It offers food and dining, a high end bar, luxury cinema snacks and of course the latest in Hollywood releases. 

Stage One: The BRIEF

The Jurassic Park movies have been a staple favourite of almost every generation since the original movie was released in 1993. Despite their prehistoric nature, dinosaurs are always in style and when Universal announced that the fifth and final instalment of the Jurassic World film franchise would be released in 2022 the world buzzed with excitement for another thrilling chapter of the story. 

The Light cinema Sheffield wanted to make their guest’s viewing experience even better with a very special viewing- one with animatronic dinosaurs gatecrashing the trailers, roaming the venue and greeting guests on their arrival. 

Initially they wanted a number of large animatronic puppet dinosaurs to roam the foyer and visit the screenings throughout the day. The venue however, although spacious, didn’t really have enough room for more than one large dinosaur roaming around at a time, as a result we suggested one full size velociraptor and a pair of baby dinosaurs to allow guests to meet multiple dinosaurs throughout their visit. 

STAGE TWO: Marketing & Social Media

The Light cinema prides itself in customer care and going the extra mile. So, it came as no surprise that with the release of Jurassic World Dominion, The Light took it as an opportunity to create a “roar-some” experience and made the most of having our Dino Rangers on-site to help advertise their branch and promote the screenings on social media. 

Our two dino specialists accompanied by a newly hatched Triceratops, baby Stygimoloch and Nova the 4 metre Velociraptor made themselves at home with the marketing team, promoting their Premiere Monthly Film Club, showing off the luxurious cinema seating on offer and even enjoying a delicious batch of freshly popped popcorn for the cameras! 

Stage Three: Film Launch

The special screening was scheduled for the weekend after the official Jurassic World Dominion film launch which also timed with the opening screenings of Disney Pixar’s newest film launch Lightyear. This meant that the cinema would be filled with guests for both movies, an older audience for the Jurassic World screenings and younger family members for the Lightyear screenings. Our baby dinosaurs and rangers were a huge hit with both of these groups!

The younger guests loved meeting the little dinosaurs and helping suggest names for the newly hatched Triceratops which was still in its egg shell! The teenagers loved the surprise of a full size raptor welcoming them to the foyer with a roar and a tail wag, and just like in the movies our ranger demonstrated the smart and agile capabilities of Nova the raptor by showing off her tricks with the help of plenty of eager volunteers. 

STAGE four: Bring on the roars! 

After sampling the sweet treats, some handmade prehistoric pizza and posing for plenty of photos it was time for our dinos to visit the big screens! 

As staff collected tickets and showed guests to their seats our rangers and baby dinosaurs visited the guests eagerly awaiting the start of the new movie. Then just as the trailers ended and the safety announcement began, one extra surprise was in store – to announce the start of the film Nova the raptor roared loudly in front of the big screen for the whole audience and created a real extra buzz of excitement. It was a really cool idea to bring real life dinosaurs to the cinema and guests of all ages loved the extra special screening of Dominion with this 4D meet and greet experience! 

“Everyone loves it when a velociraptor called NOVA is let loose in the cinema.”


The Light Cinema Sheffield, Business manager

To enquire about our Animatronic Dinosaurs please use our Contact page, or if you have your own ideas in mind and would like to discuss a custom package created just for you – drop us a message.