Fauns & Satyrs


Reasons to hire Fauns and Satyrs include: 

  • Striking costumes that transport your guests into a magical world
  • Unique photo opportunities 
  • Available for meet and greet, walkabout, mix and mingle entertainment
  • Suitable for ground level performers or stilt walkers


  • NUMBER OF PERFORMERS: Up to 8 performers available 
  • SUITABILITY: Suitable for both stage or walkabout 
  • SET LENGTHS: Suitable breaks between sets
  • AUDIO: PA system to be supplied for stage show
  • PARKING: Free onsite parking required (or parking charges reimbursed) 

Technical Specifications

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Up to 8 performers available

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Suitable for both stage or walkabout

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Set times

Suitable breaks between sets

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PA system to be supplied for stage show


Free/ reimbursed onsite parking required


Our mythical Fauns and Satyrs can really help you create that magical feeling at your event. With their playful interactive walkabout style they can greet your guests as they arrive and pose for photos. Our Fauns and Satyrs have specially designed legs and feet giving them the unmistakable deer-like angular shape complete with a cloven foot on our ground level performers. Our stilt variation still maintains the shape of the leg but on a bounce stilt base- allowing the performer to have a little spring in their step. Let us know what you need when enquiring and we can discuss which option is best for your event- you might even want a combination of both. 
Fauns and Satyrs are perfect for a multitude of themes including Mythical Creatures, Enchanted Forests, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Greek and Roman Legends and many more. They also fit perfectly alongside some of our other walkabout performers such as Fairies, Elves and Pixies to create an even stronger, visual atmosphere especially at themed events. 
We have multiple styles of faun-like creatures available, from classic woodland, warrior satyrs and grecian style to Snow Fauns if you want to create your very own winter wonderland. You can hire multiple performers for your event, just make sure you let us know what you need when you enquire to hire Fauns and Satyrs.

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