Office Entertainment

After a hard week in the office crunching numbers, updating spreadsheets and getting the latest in water cooler gossip – give your employees a surprise as a reward for all their hard work. Studies show that more engaging, enjoyable workplaces make individuals perform better all-round. 

So, after working hard to get their sales figures up it might be worth giving them a treat in the form of some unusual office entertainment. 

We’ve put together a compilation of unusual and fun experiences you can book that will put a smile on your office staff’s faces and boost productivity without it having to take up the entire day (unless you wanted it to of course). 

office entertainment

If you want your office entertainment to be something a little different from the usual, why not invite an entire Circus? 

Our circus performers can run interactive, team building exercises and Circus Workshops to help get everyone in the circus spirit. 

Circus Workshops are a fun way to add an immersive experience into your office space. Perfect for group learning, co-ordination practice and thinking outside of the box.

Our jam-packed Circus Workshops are bursting with classic (and some no so classic) circus activities. 

Everybody eats, so why not eat together, and get to know each other in the process? our Popcorn and Candy Floss Carts are a fun and interactive way of giving out snacks. 

And the best bit, our Candy Floss carts even offer alcohol flavoured candy floss such as champagne, Bailey’s, whiskey, mojito and piña colada – best of all it’s all alcohol free so now it can be ‘happy hour’ at work without your staff actually drinking on the job. 

Finding a team-building activity to suit everybody in the office, all with different interests and passions, can be a challenge.

However our Bunco Booths offer a range of games, fun tricks and comedy that are highly enjoyable and designed to engage people’s competitive streak. 

Classic swindles such as ‘Three Card Monte / Find The Lady’, ‘The 3 Shell Game’ and ‘Cups and Balls’ will have your office staff trying their hand at out witting our “honest conman”. They’ll get conned, cheated, and scammed but in return you’ll receive an unforgettable experience that costs them nothing. 

It’s widely known that in the modern workplace, keeping up staff morale is extra important. This can be done in any number of ways …but none are as unique as Roaming Office Chimps

Our Office Chimps can roam around, cause chaos, hand out bananas and get up to no good. 

A party with a theme is a great way of bringing people together, build group rapport and assist in helping workers feel that they’re all pulling in the same direction.

Whether it’s Alice In Wonderland theme, Mardi Gras theme,  Masquerade theme,  Arabian Nights theme or something completely different we can take the headache out of organising it by transforming and taking over your office space. All your employees and colleagues need to do is arrive in fancy dress, and they’re ready to party. 

Of course this is by no means an exhaustive list as we offer hundreds of entertainment options which can be found on our Browse Artists page. 

We would love to help make your next event a huge success, you can find out more about our entertainment options by calling one of our entertainment co-ordinators, or if you have your own ideas in mind and would like to discuss a custom package tailored specifically to you and your required office entertainment – you can use our Contact form.