Roaming Chimps


Reasons to hire Roaming Chimps include: 

  • Wonderfully creative walkabout entertainment that will delight guests at your event 
  • Our Roaming Chimps are full of energy and character
  • They’ll be the talk of your event and create unique photo opportunities
  • Suitable for a range of themes- our chimps can adapt to almost any event 


  • NUMBER OF PERFORMERS: Up to 6 performers available
  • SUITABILITY: Suitable for walkabout entertainment 
  • SET LENGTHS: Suitable breaks between sets
  • AUDIO: PA system not required
  • PARKING: Free onsite parking required (or parking charges reimbursed) 

Technical Specifications

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Up to 6 performers available

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Suitable for walkabout entertainment

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Set Lengths

Suitable breaks between sets

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PA system not required


Free/ reimbursed onsite parking required


Our Roaming Chimps are the ultimate in meet and greet entertainment, these humanoid primates are always up to no good and getting into mischief. Our chimps will steal the show and delight guests with their quirky characters – each chimp has a slightly different persona and they love to make new friends. From picking fleas off your guests, performing acrobatic tricks, handing out bananas, climbing on furniture (not to mention all over each other), and generally getting into everything our chimps are suitable for audiences of all ages making them perfect for almost any event! 

Our chimps come in a variety of costumes and accessories which allows them to be adapted to almost any theme such as: 

  • Circus Chimps, 
  • Space Chimps, 
  • Office Monkeys, 
  • Mexican Monkeys, 
  • Mechanic “Grease Monkeys”,
  • Amazon “Box Monkeys”
  • Rugby Playing Chimps

Of course you could always come up with your own unique take on Roaming Monkeys to suit your theme. 

Our chimps love to dance and interact with guests and create endless, creative and special photo opportunities. They can be booked solo, as a duo or even as an unruly troupe that run circles around their poor circus ringmaster or zoo keeper handler who just can’t keep up. We recommend a minimum of 2 chimp performers (or chimp and a handler) for most events, the more you have the more engaging and entertaining they become. 
When you hire Roaming Chimps from Oddle Entertainment our standard performance includes 2 x Roaming Chimps (or 1 x Chimp and 1 x Handler). Want more performers or longer walkabout sets? No problem – we’ve got you covered. We have multiple performers available and when possible are happy to tailor show lengths to suit your event needs, just make sure you let us know what you need when you enquire to hire Roaming Chimps. 

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