Paul and Elizabeth’s wedding

And the force formed an unbreakable alliance

Early on in the wedding planning process a couple will generally select a date and a venue for their wedding, but they also must settle on a theme.

Star Wars is always a fantastic theme for a fun wedding, and one we thoroughly enjoy supplying entertainment for. However, the challenge being that there are so many memorable characters, so many plot lines, and so many decor and entertainment options that it can often be difficult to decide just what to include and what not to include. 

Stage One: The Brief

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Paul and Elizabeth decided to tie the knot in the most space aged way possible, so they reached out to our entertainment co-ordinators in search for some galactic fun. 

They selected their Star Wars theme early on in the planning process which helped shape the look and feel of their special day. To bring the whole brief together Paul opted for him and his groomsmen to wear stylish cream tuxedos with subtle Star Wars themed accents such as pins and cuff links. Elizabeth matched, looking out of this world in her sleek boat neck cream wedding dress. 

Stage Two: The Decor

The ceremony took place at Kenwick Park, a large Georgian house with a fascinating history, reputedly built in 1797 for Hinman Allenby. Kenwick Park Hotel is also home to views of rolling woodland, with the background of the Wolds, which made for an ideal location for Paul and Elizabeth’s wedding photoshoot. 

To transform the inside of the venue into a Star Wars themed wedding, whilst still remaining stylish and classy was a real balancing act – however Paul and Elizabeth managed it beautifully by incorporating one of Paul’s hobbies into their decor – Star Wars Lego. 

This ingenious solution to table centre pieces was fun, quirky and added a personal touch to the tables with each table receiving its own custom creation depicting a different Star Wars scene. The rest of the decor and table dressings were put together in hues of blue and white to mimic the iconic colours of loyal droid, R2-D2. 


To really make Paul and Elizabeth’s wedding day their own they organised a printed wedding aisle runner mimicking the style of the Star Wars opening crawl. 

The aisle runners custom text read: “with love in their hearts and stars in their eyes, they set sail on a new chapter of their epic journey… and the force formed an unbreakable alliance. Together we will rule the galaxy. Lizzie & Paul.”

Much to the surprise of their guests Chewbacca and a Stormtrooper then made their way down the aisle, patrolling the area and staring Paul down, before making a hasty retreat – much to the amusement of the wedding guests. 

Stage Four: May the love be with you

After the bride and groom exchanged their vows, it was time to shoot some photos. Paul and Elizabeth’s photographers of choice were Jonathan and Sammie of PM Photography Ltd

Utilising Kenwick Park’s stunning hill views Jonathan and Sammie soon got to work shooting fun and stylish portraits of Paul and Elizabeth …which is not an easy task when accompanied by a 9ft wookiee! Eventually the Stormtrooper left them to it and began patrolling the grounds, interacting with guests in a playful manner. 

Stage Five: Welcome to the Darkside

As the night reception grew closer, Paul descended to the Dark Side; donning a full Darth Vader outfit before the pair cut the ever important wedding cake – a 4 tier galaxy inspired cake in a blue, purple and black colour scheme complete with iconic silhouettes and topped with edible effigies of Star Wars Lego versions of Paul and Elizabeth! 

Lightsabers were on hand for guests to protect themselves from joining Paul on the Dark Side and even a guest dressed in an inflatable Jabba The Hut costume made a brief appearance. 

“You guys were fantastic and a pleasure to have on our day, many thanks.”


Kenwick Park Wedding, Groom 

If you are interested in putting a Star Wars spin on your wedding day you can find out more information on our Star Wars Characters page. Alternatively if you have your own ideas in mind and would like to discuss a custom package created just for you – feel free to drop us a message form our Contact page