Living Statues


Reasons to hire a Living Statue include: 

  • Available in classic bronze, brass and stone or a speciality statue. 
  • Perfect for icebreaking and creating situational comedy  
  • A range of costumes and themes available to suit your event or theme
  • Creates unique photo opportunities for guests  


  • NUMBER OF PERFORMERS: Up to 6 performers available
  • SUITABILITY: Suitable for walkabout entertainment 
  • SET LENGTHS: Suitable breaks between sets
  • AUDIO: PA system not required
  • PARKING: Free onsite parking required (or parking charges reimbursed) 

Technical Specifications

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Up to 6 performers

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Suitable for walkabout entertainment

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Set lengths

Suitable breaks between sets

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PA system not required


Free/ reimbursed onsite parking required


Our high quality Living Statues come in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles – from iconic, beautiful white marble roman busts and renaissance green, oxidised bronze figurines to striking Ice Sculpture statues and even living topiary Hedge People. Our Living Statues do much more than just stand still; they become more interactive as the event goes on keeping your guests engaged in their latest antics. Living Statues are perfect for gentle icebreaking, creating situational comedy, photo opportunities and surprise guest involvement. They create subtle yet powerful atmospheric entertainment and leave a lasting impression on your guests. 
Our Living Statues can perform solo, in pairs or as a larger group, we recommend a pair of statues to maximise their entertainment value. Our statues have a high level of costuming detail and are thoroughly researched in style and theme. Our most popular statues are our bronze renaissance characters. Recent trends include plague doctor and masquerade Living Statues, and for festive or winter wonderland events Living Ice Sculpture Statues add an extra glistening finish. 
Please Note: some of our Living Statues such as our Roman style stone statues require the full painting of most of the body, for this we will supply a professional body painter which will be included in the quote. On the day of the event they will require a suitable private space where the performers can be painted and dressed away from the guests and where possible they can take a shower to remove their paint afterwards though the provision of a shower is not essential. Our body painters will not paint other guests or performers booked externally at the same event. 
All of our statues require a private preparation area and access to running water. If our statues are booked as moving, interacting statues they will happily pose for photos with your guests, however we do expect performers to be respected and that guests have boundaries with touching performers (particularly those booked to provide still statue work). 
Want multiple performers? No problem – we’ve got you covered. You can book multiple living Statue performers that have either matching costumes or completely different costumes. Where possible we are also more than happy to tailor set lengths to suit your event needs, just make sure you let us know what you need when you enquire to hire a Living Statue.

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