Who Are Oddle?

Our Mission

Oddle Entertainment Agency aim to create stunning entertainment packages leaving a long lasting impression on every guest. From huge festivals to intimate gatherings we understand that every event is unique and special and it is our company mission to make every client’s entertainment dreams a reality. 

Extraordinary Experiences

We like to consider attending an event to be an adventure, we want your guests to feel inspired, emotive and remember the event for years to come. With ever-changing trends in theme we work flexibly and creatively to ensure we meet all our clients needs and there’s nothing we love more than a new challenge. 

In the 21st century we are expected to create more than just an entertaining event- client’s come to us to create a journey for their guests, inspire action, focus on simplifying and creating green/eco events or creating interactive experiences. 

Whatever your needs, from engaging the public at your event to just sitting back and relaxing whilst watching amazing stage performers we will create a truly unique experience just for you!

Our Core Values

Quality events are created with hard work, planning and aiming for the highest standards in the industry. Our team strive to deliver the best possible entertainment at every event!

Achieving excellence is our thing

How We Got Here...

Oddle Entertainment Agency is made up of an elite team of creators, planners, directors and logistics… not forgetting the performers of course! We have over ten years experience creating entertainment packages and working with clients all over the world. We have sent performers to over 30 different countries, on cruise ships and even on TV. 

The majority of our senior staff have backgrounds in performance themselves and this is a huge bonus when discussing and selecting suitable acts for events. A performer considers many aspects that may affect the performance in some way that a standard event planner would not and this is just one of the many small details that give us the edge over our competitors. 
Our in house production team allows us the freedom to create and build almost anything, all our creators are highly trained in their fields and deliver the highest standard in decor, props and costumes. All of our performers are full time professionals with passion and drive for what they do. Every step, turn and twist is considered and choreographed to give the highest production values. When you book a performer through Oddle you will be getting the very best performer for your job- we hire our performers on an individual basis considering their skill level, professionalism and personality and one of our core values is quality over quantity- we only book the best. 

Meet the Oddle Family

The Oddle Entertainment Agency team

Our in-house team are the ones who make everything at Oddle Entertainment Agency happen. They are friendly, efficient and aim to deliver the best customer service – paying attention to the extra details and finishing touches along the way. 

They’re a mixture of job roles and personalities but all share a passion for the entertainment industry. Whether you work just closely with one of our staff on your event, or a few of them – the whole entertainment agency team is working hard behind the scenes to bring you the best.