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Traditional Chinese Wedding

Kurt and Chloe's Wedding

Kurt and Chloe didn’t realise their extended family would all want to make the trip to the UK from the far east to celebrate their nuptials in the quiet English countryside.

So when they found out, they began planning a stunning wedding which brought the importance of ceremony from Chinese wedding traditions and combined it with a British country home venue. 

Star Wars Themed Wedding

Coralea and Stephen's Wedding

Coralea and Stephen reached out to us about incorporating their love of the galactic empire into their Star Wars themed wedding in a very special way. 

It was such a fun wedding to be part of, Coralea and Stephen, May the Force be with you as you travel through the galaxy of life! 

Circus Themed Wedding

Tom and John's Wedding

Themed weddings are always extra special events so when Tom and John approached us about their circus themed wedding we knew from our very first conversation that it was going to be a night to remember.
They envisioned stylish 1930’s Ringling Brothers vibes and elegant Barnum & Bailey wonders. 
Nautical Themed Wedding

Stephanie and Jason's Wedding

Stephanie and Jason planned to go overboard with this fun and niche theme and came to us with the request for something unusual to really wow their guests as they sailed off into the sunset. 

With such an interesting concept we were raring to go and threw ourselves into the project hook, line and sinker. 

Star Wars themed Wedding

Paul and Elizabeth's Wedding

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Paul and Elizabeth decided to tie the knot in the most space aged way possible, so they reached out to our entertainment co-ordinators in search for some galactic fun.

Festival Themed Wedding

Beverley and Andrew's Wedding

We love festival season – the wristbands, the wellies and dancing like nobody’s watching, and so does the UK. It’s no wonder that since 2012, UK festival attendance figures have almost doubled. 

So when we were asked by Beverley and Andrew to create a ‘mini festival’ for very special wedding vow renewal, we just couldn’t resist. 

Traditional Chinese Wedding

Lily and Jakob's Wedding

Lily and Jokob asked us to provide entertainment for their traditional Chinese wedding, with a twist. They had dozens of guests flying thousands of miles to celebrate their big day. 

What was created was a wonderful marriage between two cultures. The best of British combined with the traditions of China. 

Star Wars themed Wedding

Tracey and Jonathen's Wedding

Being keen astronomers Tracey and Jonathen wanted their wedding day to be out of this world, so they enlisted the help of our Star Wars characters to help make their wedding day be the best in the galaxy.