Family Fun Day Activities

Community events contribute to keeping spirits high for local residents, so when it comes to family fun day events it doesn’t matter if its being held in a city centre, a local park or the village hall – if an event provides activities that cater to the whole family, there’s automatically going to be an increase in footfall numbers. 

Animating spaces through live experiences 
drives community footfall, supports surrounding F&B services and involves the local community which all works together towards creating a destination people are proud of. 

Community activities are an important feature for forging a connection between communities and for bringing people together, so we’ve created the below list of some of our favourite family fun day activities. 

Family Fun Day

One of the most versatile forms of entertainment, Stilt Walkers stand over ten foot tall, towering over your guests making them the perfect photo opportunity in large crowds. 

Fantastic for adding height and interest to your event, these larger than life acts are one of our favourite go-to’s for creating an interactive roaming spectacle. 

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor events where you have to “go big or go home”. 

Take your family fun day event into the prehistoric world with our Animatronic Dinosaurs

Loved by audiences and a magnet for media attention, our realistic, life-like, walking Dinosaurs will make your event roar into life. 

With animatronic features that include blinking eyes, roaring, and mouth and head movements you’d be forgiven for believing you’re witnessing the real thing.

Working surprising well at outdoor events our Balloon Modellers make the brightest and most colourful balloon creations to impress your guests.

The best thing about having a Balloon Modeller at your family fun day is that guests don’t just get to visit an event they get to be part of the event too, as they are gifted with environmentally friendly balloon creations to take home with them! 

Roll up! Roll up! the Circus Performers are here! 

“Circus” is a timeless theme which lends its self to family fun day entertainment perfectly. It’s a great way to entertain residents while also including and promoting local F&B services, which in turn stimulates the local community. 

Create all the fun of the circus with interactive and walkabout performers such as Jugglers, Hula Hoopers, Contortionists, Fire Performers, Unicyclists and more. 

The battle between Marvel and DC fans is a long-standing one, but one thing that’s for sure is that all our Superheroes get a lot of love from fans.

Whether your favourite superhero is The Hulk, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Dr Strange, Spider-Man, Deadpool or Superman they will help you throw a super celebration full of interaction, selfies and of course ‘Official Superhero Training’. 

Since the story of Alice In Wonderland is dreamlike with pretty strange things happening at every turn, it’s no wonder it entices both the young and the old. 

The Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, Tweedledee and Tweedledum along with many, many other unforgettable characters can help bring a touch of uniqueness to your family fun day. 

So, in homage to Lewis Carroll’s classic book tumble down a rabbit hole of your imagination and into the world of Wonderland. 

Head to any family fun day and if you don’t see a crowd of brightly coloured faces, then there’s something not quite right!

Face Painters and fun go hand in hand and the great thing about Face Painting is that it can be easily themed to your event. 

A much-loved classic, face painting is one of our most popular activities and offers children a great opportunity to express themselves through the skilled artwork a professional children’s entertainer. 

Why not welcome the world of Star Wars into your family fun day to create an exciting event that’s out of this world! 

Whats quite possibly the most successful film franchise in the history of modern film shows no sign of slowing since being acquired by Disney back in 2012. 

With fans ranging from 6 to 60 years old Star Wars brings people together with the excitement of new adventures along with the nostalgia of people who grew up with it. 

No Family fun day would be complete without the classic Punch and Judy booth

A favourite entertainment option in historic England with its iconic hand puppets, what better way to bring a sense of nostalgia to your event than with this traditional form of entertainment.

Modernised for a new type of audience but with all classic pantomime of the original art form, Punch and Judy shouldn’t be over looked when planning Family fun day entertainment. 

Of course this is by no means an exhaustive list as we offer hundreds of entertainment options which can be found on our Browse Artists page. 

We would love to help make your next event a huge success, you can find out more about our entertainment options by calling one of our entertainment co-ordinators, or if you have your own ideas in mind and would like to discuss a custom package tailored specifically to your family fun day event – you can use our Contact form.