Everything You Need To Know Before Booking A Fire Performer

Need to know how to book a fire performer? You’ve come to the right place. A fire performer can be a great way to add an extra element to your event. There are various styles and performance types when it comes to fire – it can be used to introduce a touch of danger, elegance, or even add to a fiery grand finale to your event.

Incase you didn’t know already, fire eating and breathing can be extremely dangerous if not performed by a trained professional. Now, you may think the real trick to fire eating is simply to be able to endure pain however that couldn’t be further from the truth. Fire eating is a unique skill and a highly trained fire eater is able to perform without sustaining burns or injury at all.

Here’s a handy breakdown to help you learn how to book a fire performer and work out exactly what type of fire entertainment is right for you and your event. 

everything you need to know before booking a fire performer
hire a Fire Performer

Fire Eaters and Fire Breathers

Perhaps the most iconic type of fire performer, fire eaters and fire breathers, do exactly what it sounds like they do. There is no magic involved, no ‘cold flame’ (as believe it or not, there is no such thing), and no trickery involved.

Fire eating and breathing dates back to ancient India but arguably it’s more popular now that it’s ever been before. With fire eating the performer will take a rod doused in fuel and ignite it – this fuel is not your everyday run-of-the-mill fuel, it’s a very particular type of fuel that has been selected to be used by the performer specifically for your event based on a series of factors such as safety, availability and duration of performance. 

Bringing the now burning torch up towards their lips they are able to eat the flame – however it’s worth noting that the performer is not actually ‘eating’ the flame in a traditional sense, rather they are stylishly extinguishing the flame in their mouth, a skill that takes years of careful practice, research and training to achieve without sustaining injury.

Fire breathing on the other hand is a different skill entirely. This involves the performer filling their mouth with fuel (again, this is specially chosen fuel depending on the performers requirements, preference and venue suitability). They then vaporise the liquid creating a huge fire ball to cascade into the sky.

Thanks to films such as The Greatest Showman, booking a fire performer is much more popular today and due to the increase in demand many venues have adapted their venue to be safer and more accommodating to this entertainment option.

When should I hire a fire eater or fire breather?

Fire Eating and fire breathing is the perfect entertainment option for welcoming arriving guests. Let’s set the scene, you guests arrive at your venue and immediately spot a fire performer at the venue entrance lighting up the darkness, eating and breathing fire. 

They perform a variety of tricks including body burning, vapour tricks, and stylish transfers – how could your guests NOT be blown away by this fiery reception?  

hire a spinning cube performer

Fire Spinning Cube

When it comes to how to book a fire performer, sometimes fire eating and fire breathing just won’t cut it and you want to up the entertainment level. Well, a fire spinning cube may just be what you are looking for. Fire spinning is a term used for the skill that usually involves a spinning staff or bo staff. There are two main styles of spinning a staff: rotational and contact. With rotational the performer’s hands are used to manipulate the motion and rotation of the staff – often spinning it around their body extremely fast.

Contact staff on the other hand is a technique where the performer rolls the staff over parts of their arms, legs and body in a constant and flowing motion, this style is slower but just as impressive as rotational staff. So why am I telling you all this? It’s because fire spinning cube incorporates element of both styles to create something much bigger and diverse. 

A spinning cube, as you may have guessed, is a cube that you spin. Its large, heavy, and when spun by a trained professional creates a huge stage show. Add fire and you have one hell of a spectacle. The fire cube itself is the very definition of an act the packs small but plays big as it can be collapsed using an intricate combination of pins and screws. This means you don’t have to worry about wondering how on earth you are going to fit a metre wide cube though a standard doorframe at your venue (it honestly can’t be done, trust us).

Once lit, the fire performer can create a huge visual. The flames are dramatic and don’t look out of place in a large scale theatre production – and when it starts spinning the adrenaline is amped up a gear. With the cube being spun at break neck speeds a combination of rotational and contact tricks can be performed leaving your guests speechless.

When should I hire a fire spinning cube performer?

Spinning cubes (either on fire or not) are the perfect entertainment option if you have a large outdoor performance area, or a large indoor performance area with with a high ceiling. They are ideal for creating a short and impactful stage show that will leave your guests talking about it for years to come. If you have a phone or camera this is the point where we would encourage you to get it out, a fire spinning cube is the perfect photo opportunity for your guests to take a few instagram photos and show the world just how great your event really was. 

hire a spinning cube performer
hire a hula hooper

Fire Hula Hoopers

Chances are you’ve had a go at hula hooping before, most of us have as a child. However, few of us stick with it long enough to be able to call it performance art. Those few that did though have come up with ingenious ways to hula a hoop.

If you were thinking that there’s only one way to hula hoop then you are very much mistaken. Its not just around the waist that you can hula hoop, our performers are able to hoop on their arms, legs, necks, one on each limb, and even 50 at the same time …does it get better? 

Well, actually, yes it does. The next logical step of course is to set it on fire. 

Fire hula hooping is reserved for the most skilled (not to mention fearless) hula hoopers out there. As you have probably guessed a fire hula hoop is just the same as a regular hula hoop …but on fire. However rather than setting the whole hoop on fire, the fire performer actually has several fire spokes attached to their hula hoop. These spokes have a wick attached to the end and that wick is then fuelled.

Once lit, a fire hula hoop can look spectacular, the flames seem to effortlessly spin and wrap their way around the performer in beat to the music. The best music for this is upbeat, bouncy, lively – this will give the fire performer chance to create a high energy, and high impact, stage show.

When should I hire a fire hula hooper?

When you have access to a medium to large sized indoor stage fire hula hooping may be a great addition to your line up. It’s best suited to fun, upbeat events with a strong theme and a decent amount of performance space. Although fire hula hoop can be performed outside to is best suited to indoor events as hula hooping (on fire or not) is quite difficult if a strong wind begins. 

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Sparks Performers

Love the idea of fire but want something a little different, Why not consider a sparks performer? This unique style of entertainment is still classed as a fire performance however it resembles more of an indoor fireworks performance than a regular fire show.

They are able to put their hands inside and through the sparks, manipulating them to create a beautiful wall of flickering light. 

This act is sometimes performed as a duo to maximise the effect, this is particularly impressive when used as a framing tool on either side of a third performer to highlight their skill. 

Although it might seem like you can get the same effect from that old unwanted Black and Decker angle grinder that you keep in your shed, a sparks performer actually uses specially adapted tools to create the extra large stream of sparks which cascade like indoor fireworks.

If you have ever fancied having a go at this one at home – give it a miss, you’re much better off keeping your limbs. Beside our speaks performers have perfectly choreographed routines and insider knowledge that are bound to make your event a huge hit.

When should I hire a sparks performer?

Perfect for ambient entertainment or as part of a larger fire show, sparks performers work great at events that require long performances whilst giving your guests something they can tune in and out of. They are a great addition to your line up if your guests will be moving from one room / location to another but you don’t want to loose the atmosphere or vibe as they do so – a sparks performer can bridge the gap, performing ambient shows to your music choice. 

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Large Scale Fire Show

For when you want to go big …like really big, you should consider a large scale fire show. It doesn’t just have to include one fire performer, a large scale fire show can include all of the acts listed above plus more, involving multiple performers and multiple fire props.

For when you just can’t decided on which fire act to book, why not book more than one. A full choreographed large scale fire show is ideal for getting that completely immersive entertainment vibe.

When delivered by the right people, a large scale fire show can be thrilling and high impact.  

It can create a stunning feature performance, opening ceremony or closing grand finale. As it’s so flexible, it can even be adjusted to suit any theme or mood, from formal corporate events to fun private parties. 

When should I hire a large scale fire show?

When you have a large performance area, either indoors or outdoors. Large scale fire shows work great at weddings, corporate events, awards ceremonies, conventions, festivals and private parties. 

They are best suited for two to five performers and stage time can range from five to fifteen minutes in length.

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As you can see there are multiple disciplines to this skill, and with so many choices out there you may find yourself asking what type of fire performer should I hire? …the answer, very simple, a safe one!

As mentioned, any fire performance poses risks and shouldn’t be attempted unless trained by an industry professional. All our fire performers are highly skilled, trained professionals who each hold full Public Liability Insurance from the UK’s leading authorities for up to £10,000,000. In accordance with Equity’s PLI regulations they must also “carry fire extinguishers, fire blankets or other fire safety equipment when performing” and they all receive annual fire safety training.

We supply Risk Assessments and Health and Safety Reports so you can rest in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of and your are in good hands. Good events co-ordinators will work with you to determine exactly what will fit best for your budget and event. They’ll give expert advice and complete important paperwork to help ensure your event is unforgettable.

You can view our amazing Fire Performers here, or if you have your own ideas in mind and would like to discuss a custom package created specifically for you – please use our Contact page.

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