Oddle Entertainment win Global Wedding Award 2021

Oddle Entertainment came out as top dog at The Global Wedding Awards 2021. 

There are few industries that demand excellence in the way that the wedding industry does. Expectations are high, plans are in place, idyllic settings set. All that is left is for the dominoes to fall in place. 

Those that operate in the wedding industry must then hold themselves to the highest of standards, aware that client centricity and perfectionism are often the cornerstone to success. 

Because of this, winning one of these prestigious awards is reserved for only the best of the best. 

global wedding awards 2021

The Global Wedding Awards

Best International Event Entertainment Agency 2021

Oddle Entertainment are thrilled to announce that we have won the award for ‘Best International Event Entertainment Agency 2021’ by The Global Wedding Awards.

Holly Morris, The Global Wedding Awards Coordinator, said:

“it’s great to be the one to deliver the good news and I hope it marks the start of a much less turbulent time.”

Going on to say, “Oddle Entertainment Agency Ltd, has demonstrated excellence and commitment in this industry, even in the face of uncertainty and more than ever, we believe you should be recognised!”

Best International Event Entertainment Agency 2021

Oddle Entertainment Agency Ltd were chosen out of over 10,000 applicants to be added to a shortlist, from here they became subject to a rigorous judging process before coming out as top dog.

Holly Morris went on to say “Currently, the wedding industry is facing an unprecedented challenge, though it is one that I know we can power through and emerge stronger on the other side. The wedding industry has long been a difficult one to excel in, Oddle Entertainment are made of outstanding stuff and I hope to hear more about their success in the years to come.”

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