Everyman Cinema Launch


The Everyman Cinema Group was founded in 2000, when entrepreneur Daniel Broch bought the original Everyman Cinema in Hampstead, London, which dated back to 1933. 

It continued to expend with the acquisition of Screen Cinemas in in 2008 and has since refurbished a number of iconic venues such and Walton, Belsize Park, Baker Street, and The Screen On The Green in Islington. 

Stage One: The Brief

Turning your event into a VIP and red carpet event just like the Oscars, Golden Globes and the Emmys is now more popular than ever. So when The Everyman Cinema approached us to help make their brand new site opening extra special we were brimming with ideas and couldn’t wait to get involved. 

The Everyman Cinema in Saint James‘s Quarter Edinburgh is the 37th branch of the luxury cinema franchise. Sticking with the brand’s iconic rich, warm colour scheme and 1960s feel in the retro styled screens, this branch of the Everyman offers five screens of independent and classic movies plus in screen delivery of pizzas, popcorn, drinks and other movie snacks. 

The Everyman Cinema in Edinburgh wanted something extra special for it’s grand opening and with one of the most popular films of the year being released on the same day they really wanted something that screamed Hollywood and suited the brand’s carefully curated image. 

Stage Two: Vintage Styling

The Everyman suggested they were interested in a large group of paparazzi performers to line the red carpet treating all guests like VIPs on their way into the cinema on the launch date. They would also be booking a rat pack styled music group, a human sized ice sculpture in the shape of an Oscar award, and a retro camera experience for guests to enjoy inside the venue. 

Our vintage paparazzi perfectly fit with their needs and we suggested 8 of our performers creating a “press pack” which would really create a presence and welcome guests to the opening. 

It was important that our paparazzi really looked the part and we styled them on original 1940s and 50s Hollywood journalists- trenchcoats and rain macs, knitted cardigans, vintage hairstyles, trilbies and original vintage cameras with large flashes. The Everyman loved the concept and we couldn’t wait for the event.

Stage Three: It’s all about the Details

Our vintage paparazzi have always been popular due to our care and attention to styling details but for this event we wanted to go one step further. We designed a custom press pass using the Everyman logo with the details of the event for each of our performers to wear around their neck or tucked into their trilby hat and for an extra touch since we were working with a cinema we named all of our press performers after famous movie journalists such as Ron Burgundy, Bridget Jones and Clark Kent amongst others. 

The small details are very important in making yourself stand out from the crowd in the entertainment industry. We ensured all our costumes and props were of the correct era and aesthetic, from our reporters using flip style notepads and fountain pens, to their vintage styled hair and make up. 

Stage Four: High Quality Guest Interactions

We take pride in providing high-quality guest interaction and entertainment, and for this assignment things were no different. All of our paparazzi were full time actors or multiskilled performers with skills in character development and verbal interaction. To create that high energy paparazzi buzz made famous at award ceremonies we required the 8 performers to fully embrace their roles. Each performer developed a few strong lines to interact with guests and a few particular movements and poses which when all 8 were put together created a visually exciting and high energy press pack. 

Again since we were working with the cinema, we tailored some of the questions to suit the brand such as asking about what movies guests thought would be the best, had they been to another Everyman branch before and also the typical press questions such as which designer were they wearing and representing, if they had any gossip to say, strictly off the record of course and lots of flashing cameras to catch that moment on the red carpet.

Stage Five: the Paparazzi come to Town

As the event date came around our team arrived in Edinburgh to find the red carpet being rolled out. Curls were set, lipstick applied and the band started up- it was time to welcome in the guests. 

Each set of guests were welcomed down the carpet with high energy and excitement from the paparazzi press pack. The overwhelming buzz of questions and camera flashes really did capture the Hollywood glamour and drama of the golden age of cinema. Guests- particularly social media influencers responded in delight and happily posed for our performers treating them like the real deal. 

Once all the guests had arrived and shared their celebrity style arrivals the press pack posed for some official opening photos for the cinema with the owners and staff. The event was such a huge success that the Everyman asked us to come back the following week for the launch of the new Batman film. 

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“Thanks so much for this and for the effort you and your team put into the opening party. We can’t wait to work with you again!”


Everyman Cinemas, Events Assistant

It’s safe to say our vintage paparazzi photographers made a huge impact at the Everyman Cinema opening. Having 8 performers really created a high energy atmosphere and strengthened the aesthetic. The Everyman loved our custom touches such as the press passes for their event and we hope to work with them for many years to come. 

If you are interested in putting a red carpet spin at your event you can find out more information on our Paparazzi Photographers page.  Alternatively if you have your own ideas in mind and would like to discuss a custom package created just for you – feel free to drop us a message form our Contact page