Punch and Judy


Reasons to hire Punch and Judy shows include:  

  • A self-contained show in a traditional booth 
  • Slap stick comedy that’s laugh out loud funny
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Creates a sense of British nostalgia at your event



  • NUMBER OF PERFORMERS: 1 performer 
  • SUITABILITY: Suitable for stage entertainment
  • PERFORMANCE AREA: 2m×2m floor space required 
  • AUDIO: PA system provided by performer
  • PARKING: Free onsite parking required (or parking charges reimbursed) 

Technical Specifications

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1 performer 

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Suitable for stage entertainment

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2m×2m floor space required

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PA system provided by performer


Free/ reimbursed onsite parking required


“That’s the way to do it!” – the famous line of Mr Punch is a classic childhood memory for many and our Punch and Judy Professors have a real art for bringing that fun, seaside nostalgia to their audiences. Mr Punch has been popular in British culture for over 350 years and despite his ‘behaviour’ being somewhat controversial in the modern age this old time favourite still has a sense of charm about it. The show is suitable for all ages, our professors create that magical type of comedy which appeals to both children and parents allowing for a real family experience.
Starring all the classic, handmade wooden puppets including Mr Punch, Judy, the baby, the policeman and not forgetting the crocodile the shenanigans that the puppets get up to will entertain both adults and children alike. Punch and Judy is perfect for many event types and themes including seaside theme, historical, festival, vintage theme and victorian themed events.

Don’t be put off by Mr Punch’s near banning in the 1990s, in 2006 Punch and Judy was named one of ’12 icons of Englishness’ by the British government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport—right up there with a cup of tea and the double-decker bus. We guarantee your guests, young and old will delight at this national treasure and won’t be able to resist shouting along with the show. You can event celebrate his official birthday – 9th May 1962, as this was the day of the first Punch and Judy performance in England.

Our Punch and Judy Professors are all professional puppeteers and all have a self contained red and white striped punch and Judy booths containing the performance space and a sound system (when needed).

Please Note: the booths are usually made of traditional striped canvas and are therefore not waterproof- if you wish to have your punch and Judy shows outside please have a wet weather plan in place should the conditions be deemed too bad to perform in by our performer.

When you hire Punch and Judy Shows from Oddle Entertainment our standard performance includes-

  • 1 x Punch and Judy puppeteer
  • 1 x Punch and Judy Booth
  • Self contained portable PA system 
  • 2 x different 20 minute Punch and Judy shows (or 1 x 40 minute show)
Want more Punch and Judy shows? No problem – we’ve got you covered, just make sure you let us know what you need when you enquire. to hire Punch and Judy.

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