Drag Queen Performances

As Ru Paul’s Drag Race becomes ever more popular, the age-old practice of drag shows are finding their way into the mainstream limelight. And with that, comes a whole new style of entertainment available to wow your audience. 

So, if you’re in need of some seriously good entertainment for your next event – Why not hire a drag queen, and guarantee an unforgettable performance. 

Drag queens form a vital part of our entertainment options. Each drag queen performance includes as standard a singing stage show and audience interaction, so you receive the full drag experience.

Ranging in style, the one thing our queens have in common is their quick wit and impeccable stage presence. 

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Hire a Drag Queen

What Are Drag Shows?

Drag shows are a specific form of entertainment performed by artists impersonating men or women.

These shows typically include singing, or lip-synching, as well as some comedy skits. The most popular drag shows are those that are funny as well as peppered with talented dance moves. 

The first known drag shows actually popped up in Harlem in the 1920s, and were predominantly made up of people of colour. Called drag balls, these events would bring together people excluded by society.

What to Expect From a Drag Queen Performance​

A culmination of tongue-in-cheek comedy and amazing vocals. It is no surprise to us, or to anyone else for that matter, that they are one of our most popular acts.

When you hire a drag queen, you can guarantee an evening of classic songs (think ‘I am what I am’) and humour that is guaranteed to leave you chuckling for weeks. 

Our standard drag shows include a singing stage show and audience interaction. But remember, if you are looking for something special, get in touch with our team and see what they might be able to offer you!

The only goal of our drag queens is to get you moving around and having a great evening. Because of this, they select songs you can’t help but boogie to, and offer performances to suit your specific needs. 

An excellent option for a stage performance, drag queens know exactly what it takes to entertain and involve their audiences in the sparkle of their entertainment. 

Hire a Drag Queen

Is A Drag Queen Right For Your Event?

If you are looking for fun, fresh entertainment at your next event, a drag performance might just be the perfect thing. 

Drag queens are well known for their ability to fully entertain a crowd. Be it with their amazing lip-synching or quick jokes, they’ll be able to capture the attention and imagination of whatever crowd they are put before.

What You Need to Hire A Drag Queen​

When hiring a drag queen there are a few things to consider. 

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure that you have enough space for them to perform. A 3m x 3m space will be perfectly adequate. After all, we want to make sure our performers are available for as many venues as possible. 

After that, all you’ll need is a PA system and a passion for some good old fashioned songs. The standard drag show includes a combination of singing, lip-sync, comedy banter and audience interaction. However, if you’re looking for something particular, get in touch with our team members and see what they might be able to arrange for you! 

Hire a Drag Queen

Interested? You can find out more about by checking out our drag queens page, or if you have your own ideas in mind and would like to discuss a custom package tailored specifically to you – please use our Contact page. 

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