Our Tips When Booking Entertainment for Events

Booking entertainment for events can be a tricky business. We all know the struggle of trying to ensure that the centre-piece of your party is both entertaining and in keeping with your all-important theme. 

That’s why we have pulled together some of our best advice for booking entertainment for events, all so you have one less thing to worry about.

how to book event entertainment

1. It's All About The Theme

Whatever your goal for your next event, everything should be cohesive and easy to understand. The best way to achieve this is to put your party together around a specific theme such as Alice In Wonderland, The Great Gatsby, or even Star Wars

Your theme can influence the costumes guests / acts are wearing, the decorations created, and even the food eaten.

Perhaps you have an idea in mind? Or, if needs be, we are here to help you come up with a spectacular idea – or you can just check out our Themed Packages page for some inspiration. 

2. Why Not Add The Wow Factor?

You want your guests to remember your event for years to come. So, adding a dash of something special might be a perfect choice. There are thousands of options when it comes to entertainment to truly wow your guests. 

Some of our most popular include acrobats and aerial performers, whose death-defying routines are sure to leave guests on the edge of their seats. But these aren’t the only options available to you. Fire performers can offer a unique, interesting display, as can our danger performances.

hire a danger performer
hire pyrotechnics

3. Venue is Everything​

When planning the biggest party of the year, it is important to make sure that the venue you choose is suitable.

Be it a stage to hold your esteemed performers or the space to have characters wandering through your crowd, it is vital that the venue you opt for is able to live up to your dreams. 

We are always on hand to advise you on the best course of action, or to let you know how we can fit around your accommodation choice.

4. Decor, Decor, Decor!​

Gone are the days of hanging one garland of bunting and calling it decoration! Now, the sky is the limit when it comes to decor for your party.

If you have chosen a theme for your event, the decoration surely comes next. In fact, if you want to truly transport your guests into a new world, this is a must.

Or, for something a little more laid back, decorations can simply be a means to offer something unique for your excited party-goers. And with this option, there are many avenues you can travel down. From sweet tables to popcorn machines, nothing says have a good time like a few delicious treats. 

hire a host

5. To Host Or Not To Host?​

An aspect of your event that you may not have thought of is its hosting. Do you want to take on this responsibility, or would you prefer to sit back and relax as a hired host does the job for you?

Whether you are looking for those finishing touches for your event, or still need to scope out the perfect venue, Oddle Entertainment might be an important piece of the puzzle.

Visit our website today or call our friendly team to discover how we can help make your event a success. 

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