Freshers and Student Entertainment

Freshers week and club nights are a rite of passage for thousands of young people. Thats why it’s so important to make their freshers and student entertainment both exciting and unforgettable. 

These short years pass quickly while they work hard and party even harder, so creating those unforgettable university memories can be a bit of an art form. 

But in the fast paced world of night-club entertainment, trends change frequently. So here’s our list of some of the hottest entertainment which will give your freshers event the style and drama it needs to go down in history as one of the best nights ever. 
freshers and student entertainment
Our Crazy Head Mirror Ball characters are perfect freshers and student entertainment to get crowds up and in the mood to dance.
Stylish, sparkly and bringing the party to the people the Mirror Ball Heads will dance the night away bringing high visual energy to your event. 
Guests will pose for photos and dance into the night with these fun and lively performers.

What better way to bring your freshers and student entertainment to life than with our Glowbots!

These impressive figures can’t be missed as their futuristic lasers shoot across the ceiling.

They tower above guests with their lights forever changing colour as they dance and pose for photos. Glowbots are a high impact form of walkabout entertainment and always turn heads and create an exciting atmosphere. 

These acts never fail to impress with their fast flowing movements and specialist tricks.

Fire Performers will amaze audiences with fire eating, breathing, body burning and more. They can work inside or outside to warm up the queue as they wait to come in. 

Alternatively if your venue just isn’t suited to fire our LED Performers are a great substitute. Using brightly coloured lights and specialist pixel equipment they can programme a light show like no other, you can even have your university logo added in to the equipment to give your freshers and student entertainment a really bespoke and personal feel. 

When it comes to freshers and student entertainment The Pot Heads are a really fun pair, their giant floral heads thankfully don’t attract bees but they do attract guests for photo opportunities.

Audiences love to have a boogie and snap a selfie with the pot heads, these surreal and unique walkabout entertainment characters always make an impact.

Guaranteed to leave guests talking The Pot Heads are a fun and quirky addition to any student event. 

The iconic modern day night-club entertainment. Costumed Stilt Walkers are a fail safe and effective choice for freshers and student entertainment.

With endless possibilities on costume theme stilt walkers are a flexible option which always creates an Instagrammable moment at events.

Towering high above guests with bags of energy to hit the dance floor and witty conversation for entertaining queue lines, Stilt Walkers are a great idea for student targeted entertainment. 

Freshers is a big deal, so why not kick off your big event with our classic Red Carpet Paparazzi on the door. 

Complete with trilby’s, macs and ‘official press passes’ our Red Carpet Paparazzi photographers will capture every candid moment “paparazzi style!” 

Even your guests will think they’re famous by the end of the end of the night! 

Of course this is by no means an exhaustive list as we offer hundreds of entertainment options which can be found on our Browse Artists page. 

We would love to help make your next event a huge success, you can find out more about our entertainment options by calling one of our entertainment co-ordinators, or if you have your own ideas in mind and would like to discuss a custom package tailored specifically to your freshers or student event – you can use our Contact form.